QuoraUpdateCancelAnswer WikiDoesn't matter how many paragraphs it has. They just have to be clear direction to the essay; it needs an introduction and conclusion, the middle should consist of points being backed up with evidence.

As long as the essay reads well there is no problem with the amount of paragraphs you put I'm sentimental about a lot of things, but not about writing tools I use. Instead Part 6 of Everybody Writes is stuffed full of a bajillion tools that can help a content creator be more efficient and hale: But which are my faves? It sounds romantic to say that I run a fountain pen over quality bond paper in my tiny writing house..

There's usually about 70-100 words to a paragraph. The rules do change if it makes your essay more reader friendly to your teacher.

Also everyone writes essay paragraphs differently. Here's an example of Essay format: Oranges Intro: Oranges derive their name from their colour.

They are members of the citrus family, contain vitamin C, grow in most climates and can be enjoyed in many ways. Para 1: Citrus family Para 4: Ways oranges are enjoyed Conclusion: So we can see oranges can be used in many recipes and are a healthy part of our diets. They grow all over the world like many other citrus plants.

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3k answer viewsAn essay can have as many paragraphs as it needs to complete the task. The idea of a 5-paragraph essay was proposed by someone who saw the value in a formula structure that could be easily taught to students: introduction containing the thesis, 3 paragraphs in the body where each explores one of the subjects contained in the thesis, and a conclusion.

There’s more to it, but that’s the basic structure. There are some fine answers here, but it might seem very confusing.

First, avoid contracting out your essay to other sources because they won’t have your style and all they’ll do is lighten your wallet and starve your brain and might get you bounced from school. Many, even in college, live and die by the 5-paragraph essay because that’s what they know, but many are looking for more sophistication in the writing, and while they want the formality of the structure, the essay is as long as it needs to be, meaning that the number of paragraphs is irrelevant.

Flexibility and the mastery of the internal components of the essay— the introduction, thesis, topic sentences, inductive and deductive reasoning, proof, conclusion, etc.

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7k answer viewsIt depends how many ideas you have in your mind with you because a paragraph means a single ideas.

State your topical sentence, elaborate it and give example in three or four sentences, that is a complete paragraph.

Then move to another Idea till you reach the either end your ideas following logically or the number words required by examiner. What guides the length of essay you write is not number of paragraphs. You have know that, but number of words set by your examiner or a publisher of your essay.

One sentence is enough to state the idea clearly.

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In whole idea of communicating through writing is making it easy for your readers to understand if possible, in their first reading. That is means the reader should not ask question like: what about it ? Answered 193w ago · Author has 1. 3m answer viewsAs others have said, there is no upper limit on the number of paragraphs in an essay, but there is a definite lower limit. To do any topic justice in an essay format, you would have to write at least four or five paragraphs. Anything less than that would be far too inadequate to be called an "essay.

Obviously, the longer your essay, the greater the number of paragraphs it will contain Too often, students perceive their writing course as something they must put up with in order to move on to “content” courses that will help them get a good job. The aim of Real Essays, as indicated by its subtitle, Writing. Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life, is to show students that the writing course is a crucial .

As others have suggested, a very rough average for a paragraph is 100 words. So, a 500-word essay would, by this reckoning, have approximately five paragraphs.

Use as many paragraphs as you need to cover your topic adequately.

You first need to decide to what extent or depth you intend to discuss your topic. An in-depth discussion will, obviously, require a longer essay and therefore a greater number of paragraphs.

Your development of your topic and your organization of your material will also determine the number of paragraphs you will need Discover how thousands of groups are raising millions of dollars every year selling America's Best name brand and top- quality fund-raising products. Learn the secrets of raising instant cash profits and how quickly those profits add up with products that sell themselves, write for your FREE guide, or call us today .

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If your essay is about the causes of some particular historical event, for example, the number of paragraphs will be determined by the number of causes that there are (and whether you want to discuss all of them or only the most important ones). There are several ways of developing a topic, and each one will dictate how many paragraphs you need for that particular method.

The type of essay you are writing will also influence the number of paragraphs the essay is likely to contain. Short argumentative essays are best developed in five paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs presenting the three strongest arguments that support your position, and a concluding paragraph.

Longer argumentative essays would expand the number of body paragraphs as the number of supporting arguments increases. Expository and reflective essays are more flexible when it comes to number of paragraphs and tend to have more paragraphs than argumentative essays, depending, of course, on the scope of the topic. As you can see, there are several factors that determine the number of paragraphs in any given essay.

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Answered 193w ago · Author has 56 answers and 104. Generally, an essay in the most oversimplistic sense has an introduction (in which the thesis is stated/alluded to), a body (in which argument(s) are presented) and a conclusion (to tie it all together). Were you to have a paragraph per part, that would amount to 3 paragraphs.

However, a three paragraph essay wouldn't be much of an essay, being so short. A standard form is the (horrendously boring and standard) "five paragraph essay" which involves an intro, body (with three paragraphs, each for an argument) and a conclusion.

Simple and uninspired teachers will give all sorts of horrid analogies ("it's like a hamburger! Your intro is your top bun, then you've got your meat and toppings - those are all your arguments - and then your last bun to conclude it!") to help beginner writers learn this form Not all essay writing services deliver what you need. If you want custom papers of the finest quality, our custom essay service is the right choice!.

Now, writing a five paragraph essay is hopelessly boring in this sense, and much too rigid.

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Write as many as you want, so long as you cover the main stages (intro, body, conclusion). Use a new paragraph whenever you want to introduce a new idea (not necessarily a new argument, a single rhetorical train of thought may span many paragraphs) Updated 187w ago · Author has 28.

7m answer viewsNo fixed number of paragraphs because much depends on the subject matter as well as your paragraphing habits.

There are two possibilities:The first is to regard the blog post as an essay as a rough guide. The ideal blog post is 1,600 words (or roughly 7 minutes of reading time). That then gives 16 paragraphs (at 100 words each) to as many as 40 paragraphs (at 40 words each).

** For online and offline text, professional writers have long operated on the rules of thumb of 20 to 25 words per sentence, and 2 to 4 sentences per paragraph (or 40 to 100 words per paragraph).

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The second would be six or seven paragraphs to fit in with the seven traditional sections of the classical discourse structure 21 Jul 2015 - There's no doubt: If you want to hook your audience, some story techniques come in extremely handy. It's basic (Think of the last academic paper you read. Snooze Look at any post on The Write Life: The content is top-notch, but it's all packed into short sentences and easily understandable vocabulary..

If the length remains constant at 1,600 words, then the classical structure gives six or seven 230-word paragraphs.

Personally, I tended to operate since my schooldays on 12 paragraphs for the average essay -- a dozen makes for easier mental calculation.