8 Writing Tools I Use Every DayWhat writing tools will help you produce your best work?Last week, twointerviewers asked me about the tools I’d recommend for writing.

One of them asked about writerly things I might covet the way some people do—like first editions of favorite books, or fountain pens, or antique Underwoods 24 Mar 2014 - For the young there's nothing better than Not On the High Street's Children's Motif paper to help them into their first letters, while Simple Things writing set touch, the Julie Bell Writing kit from John Lewis was a close second, given the good quality finish. Buy now. 1. Velké Losiny Handmade paper, £89.99..

(Not to be confused with other kinds of Underwoods.

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Instead, I look for frictionless tools that ease the process, not complicate it. Part 6 of Everybody Writes is stuffed full of a bajillion tools that can help a content creator be more efficient and hale: But which are my faves?I used to think that tools alone held a kind of mysticism.

When I was in middle school, my mother bought me my own IBM Selectric electric typewriter. It came in a hard plastic case with a handle, like a valise.

The Selectric was technically “portable,” even if it was as heavy as a Honda Civic and, plugged in, produced a persistent, unmelodic vibration and muffled drone—not unlike the inside of a jet at 30,000 feet. It was considered a tool for writers even more so than a tool for business: Author Jane Smiley once described it as “a writer’s machine if ever there was one.

” It had correction tape (!), different fonts, and some crude capacity for this new thing called “word processing. ”In other words, the Selectric was a crossover machine, providing those perceptive enough with the first inklings (ha!) of the power of personal computing that was just around the corner.

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And I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now, too.

At 14 my life was small and suburban, predictable and ordinary. And so, sitting at my desk, under the poster of a kitten hanging with one paw hooked on a tree limb with the words, Hang in There, Baby, Friday’s Coming, I imagined myself part of something charged, awesome, and extraordinary.

But it’s not the wand, it’s the wizard, to paraphrase Duff Goldman. It sounds romantic to say that I run a fountain pen over quality bond paper in my tiny writing house. But who am I kidding? I’m a world-class procrastinator.

Anything that’s a barrier to writing—like finding where I last left that fountain pen, or lugging a Selectric out of a closet—erects another hurdle in my way.

So what are those frictionless tools I actually use for writing? What are the things I use every single day, for almost every post I write?Here they are, in the order I use them:I don’t keep a journal, because I don’t have the patience or discipline or interest to write only for myself Too often, students perceive their writing course as something they must put up with in order to move on to “content” courses that will help them get a good job. The aim of Real Essays, as indicated by its subtitle, Writing. Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life, is to show students that the writing course is a crucial .

But I do use these tools to record minutiae, ephemera, and thoughts and observations I might be able to use somewhere, somehow, someday. The pages of my Moleskine notebook and pocket-sized Field Notes read like one long, weird shopping list of things I might source from a Content Store, if such a thing as a Content Store existed: blog post ideas, projects, things I read that I think are cool, words I need to look up later.

My last entry: “Bowdlerize—?”(It’s a verb that means “to remove material that is considered improper or offensive from a text or account, especially with the result that it becomes weaker or less effective. ”)Why take notes? Because I approach content with a mind like water, as I learned as a journalist.

The mind-like-water content creator finds stories and allows them to flow into and reside in the crevices of the mind. But because I also have a mind that ideas easily flow out of, I need someplace to….

Why not some other online tool, like Evernote? Writing an idea down in my own hand gives that idea more context, weight, and heft Your intro is your top bun, then you've got your meat and toppings - those are all your arguments - and then your last bun to conclude it! ) to help beginner writers learn this form. Now, writing a five paragraph essay is hopelessly boring in this sense, and much too rigid. You are not confined to five paragraphs, nor are you .

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Also, I have a self-diagnosed allergy* to Evernote, as Bryan Kramer and I discussed earlier this week. )Trello is a kind of project management tool that takes the place of Post-it Notes and highlighters or scraps of paper or my pocket lists. I’ve newly committed to Trello to help me create more consistently, and to keep things on track.

I figured if I include it here you’ll hold me accountable, as well. Blog post or column ideas that move from fuzzy notion to reality get added to a Trello card on a Trello board I titled “Idears.

” The title is partially a nod to my Boston roots, partially a reminder to not take things so seriously, and partially a reminder to create content I love. GoogleGoogle is my primary research tool, and the first place I start rooting around for data to give a story context and credibility.

So I try and seek out primary and reputable sources FREE deluxe selling outfit — big commissions — valuable prizes — immediate bonus — six prices that meet every purse — guarantee label sewed into Ky. _ A PAYING Position Open to representative of character. Take orders shoes-hosiery direct to wearer. Good income. Permanent. Write now. Tanners Shoe Mfg. Co., .

Like what? Like…Major media outlets (Authoritative nongovernment agencies (Pew Research, for one)Beware of hidden agendas or what else might be fueling a one person’s (or agency’s) point of view.

That doesn’t mean the source is not credible, but you need to be aware of the agenda (and disclose the source as well as potential vested or conflicts of interest). Two other Google places I sometimes check, depending on the topic:, because it allows me to see what others have been searching for over time, graph how a term has been searched for via Google , and pinpoint where those searchers were located.

Trends can help inform the specific words or language I might use in a post. Think with Google is a research hub that aggregates case studies, articles, infographics, interviews, and other things for 14 industries.

I like subscribing to the newsletter, because there’s sometimes a nugget or two in there worth adding to Pocket. )Pocket is a virtual pocket for collecting treasures.

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I used to email myself links, and then promptly lose them in my bloated inbox.

I like the way Pocket allows me to tag items for easy searching; that’s helpful for me if I’m using it to save content for specific presentations or columns I know I’ll be creating If you've decided to buy law papers online, it's vital to find a reliable and professional company to get a high-quality work in time. When you order your essay online, you expect it to be written perfectly and delivered within the deadline. If you want to get an excellent paper without any problems - best-writing-service.co.uk is .

For example, I have a whole bunch of great videos tagged “Wistia” because I’m presenting at WistiaFest later this month. I write in Word, on my laptop, using it to create my Ugly First Draft.

Here’s how:First, I create a list of things I want to include in a piece. It’s like a grocery list—only instead of kale, soy milk, yogurt… it’s a list of the key points I want to make.

The list for this post originally looked like this:Then I go back and flesh out each point into sentences and paragraphs, following my Writing GPS. Writing is thinking for me—so I never dictate a first draft.

That’d be like asking me to drive a car blindfolded: I could do it for a bit, I suppose Solve My Assignment offers all types of homework solution, assignment help services related to finance, marketing, law, management etc. in USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore..

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My life is one big distraction for me, so I just deal with it. (That said, I get almost all of my writing done on Saturday and Sunday mornings, when the life part is relatively quiet.

)I use Scrivener writing software for longer projects, because it’s great for composing, structuring, and manipulating long and difficult documents. But it’s totally overkill for most of the shorter content I write.

” But since she can’t read (as far as I can tell), she can’t be offended. I’m using her metaphorically here, because leashing up a dog for a walk or going down to the corner for a slice of pie or whatever you might to do take a break is key to the writing process.

Walking away from any writing is equivalent to putting a rock-hard avocado in a paper bag—it ripens almost magically the next time you go back to it Not all essay writing services deliver what you need. If you want custom papers of the finest quality, our custom essay service is the right choice!.

The second pass a day later is generally where I prune the fat, hone the clarity, and weave in humor or asides that reflect my style and sensibilities. But for a first pass after writing I use either of these tools to flag not just spelling errors or typos and punctuation problems but also weak construction, passive voice, or sentences that are difficult to understand. The software flags all that and more, and then recommends fixes (which you can either accept or ignore).

I ran a pre-edited version of this piece through Grammarly, which termed it “adequate,” at best.

Human EditorRunning this by my favorite human editor is the final step in the process, before I hit publish. And when I say “editor,” I mean someone trained as an editor—not just a colleague, friend, or another writer.

Those types can find typos or proofread, but they can’t supplant a professional editor.

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The best editors act as the bridge between writer and audience—helping the writer make his or her points with clarity, brevity, and respect for those reading, including the audience’s time Discover how thousands of groups are raising millions of dollars every year selling America's Best name brand and top- quality fund-raising products. Learn the secrets of raising instant cash profits and how quickly those profits add up with products that sell themselves, write for your FREE guide, or call us today .

I think of a good editor as the best advocate for the reader, which is why companies that don’t use editors end up hurting themselves.

What Am I Missing?What am I missing? What do you use to produce your best work?Want to bulk up your writing muscles and get the content bod you’ve always coveted? You need MarketingProfs Writing Bootcamp, which kicks off July 12 with my keynote. Use code CAMP18 for up to $200 off, because I love you.